The CT2001 series Battery Testing Systems are designed for energy storage materials research and battery test. The eight channels are independently programmed and controlled by the computer. The Current ranges are from 1 mA to 5 A and Voltage ranges from 2V to 15V. Each testing system is specifically built for customer needs. 

CT2001A CT2001C


The control software comes with a friendly interface, which allows new users to operate with minimal training if the customer has some electrochemical background. Data Process software shows different kinds of plots in specific cycles (Voltage vs. Capacity, Capacity vs. Cycle Number, Efficiency, etc.), which can be exported with simply “Copy” and “Paste”.



  • High-precision channels designed for electrochemical materials research and Battery charge/discharge test.
  • 8 independence channels. Each can be set as Constant-Current (CC) Discharge, Constant-Current (CC) Charge, Constant-Voltage (CV) Charge, etc.
  • Independent current source and voltage control for every channel.
  • RS232 port for efficient communication.
  • LandtTestControl software with easy programming.
  • Data automatically backed-up.
  • Full safety protection for all the channels.
  • Capable to control up to 20 analyzers (160 Channels) with one computer