About Landt Instruments, Inc

"LANDT" series Battery Testing Systems are designed for battery research and development. Our product features high precision, high reliability and an easy-to-use interface at affordable price. The battery testing systems are widely used in research labs in universities and battery manufacturing for materials capacity/voltage test. Our products have equipped the top tier battery manufacturers such as Amperex Technology Limited (ATL), A123 systems, BYD Auto and many top university labs in across the world. Millions of channels has been used to screen the capacity cycling and power capability of cathodes and anodes for lithium-ion batteries. 

We Can Help You with Battery Testing Systems Requirements

Our systems can be compatible with any kind of battery test applications. From 0.01mA to 50A, from 5V to 100V, contact our battery expert today.

Why Choose Your Battery Testing Systems from Us?

Quality Products: the Quality of Landt series battery testing systems have been proved in the past 20 years. Now it has been widely used for energy materials evaluation and battery testing. Every year we sell hundreds of thousands of channels to battery manufacturers for cathode/anode materials screening. We also provide thousands of channels to universities and national lab for their battery materials research. We strive constantly to provide precision battery testing systems at an affordable price because we know that our customers need more channels for their cutting edge research. 

First-Class Service: Our customers count on our excellent technical service and rapid response time to help protect their investment.

Great Value: Landt Instruments stands behind the high quality and affordability of our products. The staff always maintains high ethical standards for production, sales, and service in the battery R&D area.