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Battery Test Systems

We Make Custom Testers for Virtually Any Batteries

With charge/discharge current from 0.01mA to 100A, voltage from 2V to 100V, custom models can be made according to the capacity/power capability of the batteries/battery packs

About Landt Instruments

Land/Landt battery test equipment is designed for various battery cell tests. Landt Instruments features high precision, high reliability, easy-to-use interface, and reasonable pricing. In the past 20 years, Our battery test systems have been widely used in university research labs and top-tier battery manufacturers around the world. Customers such as Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd (CATL)Wanxiang A123 Systems, BYD Auto, Amperex Technology Ltd (ATL)  and many others have been using our testers since their inception. It’s a top choice for coin cell, pouch cell, and cylindrical cell tests. Many cell testers are made based on customers’ requirements. Read more about us…

Battery test system assembly facility

Store – Battery Test Supplies

LIB Electrolyte

Battery-grade LiPF6, LiFSI, LiBF4, high purity organic solvents, additives and electrolyte solutions for Lithium-ion Battery research.

LIB Test Consumables

Cathode/anode materials, binders, carbon black, Coin cell kits, current collectors, all battery-grade from industrial suppliers.

Electrodes & Cells

Reference electrodes, working electrodes and other electrochemical cells used for electrochemical research