Battery Test Software

Landt Battery Test Systems uses different programs for data acquisition and data processing. The acquiring software comes with a very user-friendly interface, which allows new users to operate with minimal training. Data processing software shows different kinds of plots (Voltage vs. capacity, capacity vs. cycle number, efficiency, etc.), which can be easily exported.

Working mode:

Working modeDetailCut-off condition (End Cond)
RestNo current/voltage applied, OCV testTime, Voltage
CCCConstant Current ChargeTime, Voltage, Capacity, dV/dt
CCDConstant Current DischargeTime, Voltage, Capacity, dV/dt
CVCConstant Voltage ChargeTime, Current, Capacity
CVD Constant Voltage Discharge Time, Current, Capacity
LoopCycling loops, go to a previous stepNumber of Cycling loops

Program a battery charge/discharge test

Program a simple battery charge/discharge test
Program a simple battery charge/discharge test

Show test results with different plots

Voltage time
Voltage & Current vs. Time
Cycle capacity
Charge/Discharge Capacity vs. Cycle

Voltage capcity.png
Cell Voltage vs. Capacity
Detailed data
Detailed data for each cycle step

Export battery testing data

Export the data with “Copy” and “Paste”


Landt Software Tutoriallink
Instruction to set up the computer and battery testerslink         PDF version
The latest version of the softwarelink

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