Battery Testing Downloads

This page provides downloads for the latest Landt/Lanhe battery tester software for CT2001/CT3001/CT3002. If you are running some other models, please contact

  • Software V7.4.7.4: the latest software bundle for battery testing system CT2001/CT3001/CT3002. It includes LANDMon program for data acquiring, LANDdt for data processing, and calibration software. Here is the instruction to update the software without terminating the ongoing tests. Initial Administration Password: 123456. It is required while modifying the test schedule during a test.
  • Quick Start and Instruction Manual V7 Landt Battery Test System CT3002
  • System file “LANHE.sys”: system update file. It is used when new CT3002 battery test units are not recognized by the software, especially when it warns of counterfeit equipment. Download the sys file and replace the one in the folder “\Land\.” Go back to the LANDMon program and click the menu Test –> Query. Do it twice. The connection should be updated. If not, close the LandMon and restart it. Contact us if it does not work.
  • Registry files to enable auxiliary temperature and voltage channels, and the use of ETH2020 ethernet communication box.

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