High Precision Battery Test Equipment, Multi-current Range M340A & G340A

The multi-current range battery test systems M340A and G340A are designed for precision battery charge/discharge tests, coulombic efficiency (current efficiency) tests, and supercapacitor tests. Voltage and current test accuracy go down to 0.01% of the selected range. The sampling rate can go as high as 0.01S (100Hz) with a minimum pulse interval of 2mS.

Precision Battery Test System M340A
Precision Battery Test System M340A
G340A High Precision Battery Test Equipment
  • Support half cell, three-electrode cell (with reference electrode) in the voltage range of -5V~5V, current range 100uA up to 5A
  • High rate charge and discharge tests. With 100C (0.6min) charge/discharge, the inaccuracy of capacity is less than 0.1%
  • Pulse test with a minimum of 2mS
  • Full measurement records of voltage, current, coulombic efficiency, capacitance, internal resistance (DCIR), and more for precision energy storage materials research
  • Integrated UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and data storage to prevent data loss during a power failure, network problem, or other unexpected circumstance


M340A Battery Test System

AccuracyResolution (control)Resolution (sampling)
Voltage Range-5V~+5V (0~10V optional)±0.01%RD±0.01%FS≤50uV≤10uV
Current Ranges100uA±0.01%RD±0.01%FS≤1nA≤200pA

G340A Battery Test System

AccuracyResolution (control)Resolution (sampling)
Voltage Range-5V~+5V (0~10V optional) ±0.01%RD±0.01%FS≤50uV≤10uV
Current Ranges150uA±0.01%RD±0.01%FS≤1.5nA≤300pA

G340 & M340 Full Specifications download

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