Set up the battery test systems

Landt Battery Test Systems use serial ports (RS232/RS422) to connect to the computer. The following are the instructions to set up the battery test systems and the computer.

Minimum computer requirement:

  • Windows system. (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10)
  • Intel or AMD processor
  • Memory: 2 GB or more
  • Hard drive: 20 GB or more
  • A 9-pin serial port or a PCI express (PCI-e) X1 slot on the motherboard.

The following picture is the rear view of the battery tester unit. There are two serial ports, one connecting to the computer, the other connecting to the next battery tester unit. Up to 20 tester units can be controlled with one computer in this way.

Rearview of the battery test system
(⑥ is for power plug-in, while ⑦and⑧ are RS422/RS232 ports which connect to the computer)

Set up serial ports on the computer

Nowadays most of the computers don’t have 9-pin serial ports in the standard configuration. A PCI-E to serial card adaptor needs to be installed. We recommend StarTech 2 Port Native PCI Express RS232 Serial Adapter Card with 16550 UART. To accommodate the serial adaptor, the computer needs at least one PCI Express X1 adapter slot on the motherboard. Check on the manufacturer’s website if a desktop has X1 slots or not before making a purchase.

Once all the hardware is ready, follow the instructions to install the PCI Express RS232 Adapter Card on the computer. You may also need to install its driver. If the serial ports are ready to use, you can install the software of the battery testers and make connections. The battery test software is able to detect the tester automatically.

PCI-e X1 slots on the motherboard of desktops

Connect the battery test systems to the computer

The following pictures show the connections for the battery test systems with RS422/ RS232 ports. (Testers with RS232 ports were discontinued in January 2019 due to lack of reliability for multi-unit communications.)

RS 422 port connection for battery test systems
RS 232 port connection for battery test systems (discontinued)

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  • Testing systems with RS422 ports can be connected with each other, but can not be connected in series with battery testers with RS232 ports
  • Testing systems with RS422/232 can share the same computer as long as they connect to different 9-pin serial ports on the computer. All the channels will show on the same screen in the software.
  • Get the latest update of the software if necessary. Download it here.
  • Contact us if the problems can not be fixed.

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