What if the battery test systems could not be recognized by the computer?

First, check if the battery test systems could be turned on: Plug it in, and turn on the power switch. Check if there is flashing of the 8 channel indicators. If yes that means the power is on, then go to the next step. Otherwise, contact customer support.

view of battery test system
Front/rear view of the battery tester

Second, check if the serial port is working properly. In LandMon window (on the latest V7.4 software), go to the menu “Tools”–>“View COM port”. In the dialog press “View”. The COM port should be on the list. That means the serial port is well installed. One may also use a different computer to connect the battery tester. Turn on the power. Start the LANDCali program (located at the place Land software was installed). Select Unit From 1 to 256. Click “Connect”. If everything is fine, the tester should be recognized by the program. If it shows abnormal, or that “COM could not be opened”, then there is a problem with the serial port, which should be fixed first.

Landt battery tester Calibration 
LANDCali software
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