What if the battery test systems could not be recognized by the computer?

First, check if the battery test system could be turned on: Plug it in, and turn on the power switch. Check if there is flashing of the 8 channel indicators. If yes that means the power is on, then go to the next step. Otherwise, contact customer support.

Front/rear view of the battery tester

Second, use a different computer to connect to either of the serial ports on the back of the battery tester. Turn on the power. Start the LANDCali program (located at the place Land software was installed). Select Unit From 1 to 256. Click “Connect”. If it shows abnormal, then click “Advanced” on the lower left corner, input the “unit No”, “I_Range”, and “V_Range”, and click “Write”. (Please note that these three values are pre-set by the manufacturer. “I_Range”, and “V_Range” are not supposed to be modified.) Turn off the software and the battery tester. Restart.

If the computer failed to connect to the battery tester, there is a problem with the communication ports or other hardware of the tester. If it shows that “COM could not be opened”, then there is a problem with the setup of the COM of the computer. You may need to fix the serial port on the computer.

LANDCali software