High Precision Multi-current Range Battery Test System, M340A & G340A

The multi-current range battery test systems M340A and G340A are designed for precision battery charge/discharge test, coulombic efficiency (current efficiency) test and supercapacitor test. Voltage and current test accuracy go down to 0.01% of the selected range. The sampling rate can go as high as to 0.01S (100Hz) with minimum pulse interval of 2mS.

M340A precision battery tester
M340A precision battery tester

G340A precision battery tester
G340A precision battery tester
  • Support half cell, three-electrode cell (with reference electrode) in the voltage range of 0~5V, the current range of 100uA to 5A
  • High rate charge and discharge tests. with 100C (0.6min) charge/discharge, the inaccuracy of capacity test is less than 0.1%
  • Pulse test with minimum of 2mS
  • Full measurement records of voltage, current, coulombic efficiency, capacitance, internal resistance (DCIR) and more for energy storage materials research
  • Integrated UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and data storage to prevent data loss during a power failure, network problems or other unexpected circumstances


M340A Battery Test System

  AccuracyResolution (control)Resolution (sampling)
Voltage Range5V (0~ -5V available)±0.01%RD±0.01%FS≤50uV≤10uV
Current Ranges100uA±0.01%RD±0.01%FS≤1nA≤200pA

G340A Battery Test System

  AccuracyResolution (control)Resolution (sampling)
Voltage Range5V(0~ -5V available)±0.01%RD±0.01%FS≤50uV≤10uV
Current Ranges150uA±0.01%RD±0.01%FS≤1.5nA≤300pA

G340 & M340 Full Specifications download