Precision Tester M340A/G340A/D340A/D350A Software Download

This page provides downloads of firmware upgrades and the latest software for Landt/Lanhe Precision Battery Tester models G340A/M340A/D340A/D350A. The download links update constantly. Latest update: May 4th, 2022

Upgrade the firmware when the software installation is complete. See the content in the second part on how to do the upgrade.

Description: the latest software bundle for G340A/M340A/D340A/D350A battery testing systems. It includes LANHE Mon program for data acquiring, LANHE Data for data process, and calibration software LANHE Cali.

Please contact if you need any help.

Firmware Upgrade (05/04/2022)

Note: the upgrade will terminate ongoing tests. Tests will have to be set manually after the upgrade.


  • Fully fix the bug of running offline by optimizing the network
  • Optimize the voltage recording
  • Improve the accuracy of DC internal resistance tests by applying the latest Algorithm
  • Support Linear Sweep Voltammetry (LSV) technique
  • Support full offline test. Tests will not be disrupted when the computer is turned off. Data is saved in the tester hardware.
  • Improve the calibration process.
  • Add device logging for detection of abnormal events.

How to upgrade

  • Download the upgrade Bin file
  • Start LANHE Cali program. In the “Device” column, select all the tester units by left-clicking and dragging, right-clicking, and choosing “Upgrade”. In the following window, browse and select the downloaded Bin file. Click “upgrade” to proceed.
  • The battery tester will restart automatically when the firmware upgrade is complete.
  • The firmware version can be seen in the “Device” tab of the LANHE Mon program.

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