Optoelectrochemical Cell


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This optoelectrochemical cell is made with a quartz body and a Teflon cap.

PTFE cap
Quartz Body with Teflon Cap

The size of the quartz (cell) can be custom-made with different sizes as follows (W*L*H, mm):

  • 30*30*30mm,
  • 35*15*45mm,
  • 40*40*40mm,
  • 50*50*50mm (this is the regular one)
  • 30*30*50mm
  • 40*40*50mm

Please note that the electrodes indicated in the picture are included in the price.

Custom holes in the PTFE cap are made to accommodate the electrodes.

Weight 1 kg
Options (W*L*H, mm)

30*30*30mm, 40*40*40mm, 50*50*50mm, 35*15*45mm, 30*30*50mm, 40*40*50mm


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Optoelectrochemical Cell
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