LiPF6 Electrolyte for Lithium-ion Battery Research


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LiPF6 Electrolyte for Lithium-ion Battery Research

This LiPF6-based electrolyte solution is composed of high purity LiPF6 salt, organic solvents, and some additives. The blending is performed in a dry room with low moisture to confirm that moisture and acid are well controlled. The acid and moisture content are tested before packaging in a fluorinated HDPE bottle or an aluminum bottle. 

The composition is as follows: 

  • Electrolyte salt: 1M LiPF6 (~12.5% by weight);
  • Solvent: EC:EMC=3:7 (by weight);
  • Additive: 1% VC.

The electrolyte formula is suitable for a preliminary evaluation of most of the energy storage materials for lithium-ion batteries. For cathode materials, it is strongly suggested not charging it above 4.2V vs. lithium with this electrolyte. 


Moisture<20 ppm
Acid<50 ppm
Chromaticity<50 Hazen
Chlorine (Cl)<5 ppm
Sulfate (SO4)<5 ppm
Sodium (Na)<10 ppm
Potassium (K)<10 ppm
Calcium (Ca)<10 ppm
Iron (Fe)<10 ppm
Lead (Pb)<10 ppm

This electrolyte solution is packaged in fluorinated HDPE bottles with ultra-low water content (less than 20 ppm). The bottle is tightly closed and sealed with an aluminum bag. Please handle it in an inert and moisture-free glove box or dry room. Avoid from high-temperature heating or igniting. Store in a glove box or dry room. LIB electrolyte should be stored in a PE or Teflon (PTFE) sample bottle but not a glass bottle.


500mL, 1L


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