Battery-grade Diethyl Carbonate (DEC), high purity


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Diethyl carbonate is another important solvent for lithium-ion battery electrolytes. The use of high-quality battery-grade solvents having extremely low water (<10 ppm) and impurity contents is critical for achieving the high electrochemical performance of lithium-ion batteries.

Chemical NameDiethyl Carbonate
Molecular formulaC5H10O3
Total Alcohol<100ppm
Molecular weight118.13
Melting point-43 Degree C
Boiling point126-128 Degree C (lit.)
Flash point33 Degree C
Formclear liquid
Colorcolorless, clear


Electrolyte Solvents for Lithium-ion Batteries

SolventFull NameM. WtTm/°C Tb/°C η/cPεDipole
Tf/°C d/g/cc
ECEthylene Carbonate8836.42481.9(40°C)89.84.611601.321 (solid)
PCPropylene Carbonate102-48.82422.5364.94.811321.2
EMCEthyl methyl Carbonate104-531100.652.9580.891.006
DMCDimethyl Carbonate904.6910.59(20°C)3.1070.76181.063
DEC Diethyl Carbonate 118-74.31260.752.8050.96310.969
EAEthyl Acetate88-84770.456.02-30.902
Weight 2 kg

1kg, 500 gram


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Battery-grade Diethyl Carbonate (DEC), high purity
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