NCM811 Cathode Sheet with Al Foil, Single-Side Coated


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This electrode sheet is based on Aluminum foil coated with Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NCM811) on a single side and is used as the cathode of Li-Ion battery – 5 sheets/pack.

Because it is a single-sided pole sheet, curling may occur after calendering. The sheets were calendered in a controlled manner so curling does not happen. Calendering is strongly suggested at the customer’s site to improve the packing density, electronic conductivity, and binding of electrode materials.

  • Un-calendered electrode needs to be calendered at the customer’s site before use.
  • The areal density should be determined according to the actual weighing results.
  • The electrode needs to be dried in a vacuum at 105℃ for 4h before being transferred into a glovebox.
  • This positive sheet can be matched with our SM0205, LT0101, and SC0101 negative sheets.
  • The coating areal density does not include the current collection.
  • theoretical areal capacity by mAh/cm2 = coating areal density by mg/cm2 * Proportion of active loading * specific capacity by mAh/g
  • The theoretical active loading (mg) = coating areal density by mg/cm2 * proportion of active loading * small disc area by cm2
Sheet name NCM811 Cathode Sheet with Al Foil
Current Collector Thickness (um) 12
Current Collector Area Density (mg/cm23.3
Area Density of the Coating (mg/cm29.2
Active Material Specific Capacity (mAh/g) 188
Active Material in the Coating94.5%
Recommended Packing Density (g/cc) 2.5~3.35
Area capacity (mAh/cm21.63
Recommended Electrolyte811 coin cell electrolyte; ternary electrolyte (KLD-1230C)
TestingRoom temperature 25℃, 0.1C/0.1 C, 3.0~4.3 V
Sheet Size (Coating)10*10 cm
Weight 0.5 kg

5 Sheets Per Pack (calendered)

NCM811 Cathode Sheet with Al Foil, Single-Side Coated
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