Platinum Electrode


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The platinum electrodes are made of 99.9% platinum disk in various configurations with different diameters and Teflon body lengths. Pure platinum metal is one of the most effective materials for standard electrodes due to its excellent resistance to corrosion and electrical conductivity. The drawing of the platinum electrode (with a Diameter 2mm) is as follows:

Platinum Electrode
Platinum Electrode

Capsule tube packing is included for convenient shipping and storage.

Platinum Electrode packed in Capsule tube
Platinum Electrode packed in capsule tube


  • Platinum purity: 99.99%
  • Total length: 80mm
  • PTFE sleeve: length 60mm
  • Copper rod: length 20mm, diameter 2mm
Product IDDiameter of the PtTeflon Body
TPt105Ø 0.5Ø 6mm
TPt110Ø 1Ø 6mm
TPt120Ø 2Ø 6mm
TPt130Ø 3Ø 6mm
TPt140Ø 4Ø 8mm
TPt150Ø 5Ø 10mm
TPt160Ø 6Ø 12mm

TPt 105 Ø0.5, TPt 110 Ø1.0, TPt 120 Ø2.0, TPt 130 Ø3.0, TPt 140 Ø4.0, TPt 150 Ø5.0, TPt 160 Ø6.0


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Platinum Electrode
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