Disc Punch For Coin Cell Electrode and Separator Preparation


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The disc punch is an excellent and cost-effective tool for cutting round electrode discs up to 0.3 mm thick, such as Al, Cu, Li metals, and coated battery electrode sheets. Changing the cutting head from the permanent magnet holder is easy. It is hand-held and suitable for operating in a glovebox. The punch set already includes four types of dies (with diameters of 8mm, 15mm, 19mm, and 20 mm). Diameters 19mm and 20mm are popular for making separates for CR2032/CR2016 coin cells. Additional heads can be ordered.

Punch Head Diameter (Circle)HightPunch Head Diameter (Circle)Hight
6 mm8 mm14 mm8 mm
7 mm8 mm15 mm8 mm
8 mm8 mm16 mm8 mm
9 mm8 mm17 mm8 mm
10 mm8 mm18 mm8 mm
11 mm8 mm19 mm8 mm
12 mm8 mm20 mm8 mm
13 mm8 mm
Other sizes (round, square, etc.) can be custom-made.
Weight 1 kg

Disc Punch with 4 Heads (Ø 8/15/19/20mm), Additional Cutting Head

Cutting Head

Round Ø20mm, Round Ø19mm, Round Ø18mm, Round Ø17mm, Round Ø16mm, Round Ø15mm, Round Ø14mm, Round Ø13mm, Round Ø12mm, Round Ø11mm, Round Ø10mm, Round Ø9mm, Round Ø8mm, Round Ø7mm, Round Ø6mm, No Additional Head

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Disc Punch For Coin Cell Electrode and Separator Preparation
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