High-Energy Mechanical Ball Mill Machine (0.4L, 1L, 2L, 4L, 8L, 10L, 12L, 16L)



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A planetary high-energy ball mill machine is a device for mixing, fine grinding, sample preparation, and small batches of materials production. The planetary ball mill is compact-designed with high efficiency and low noise. It is a powder processing equipment widely used in scientific research institutions, universities, and enterprise laboratories to obtain fine powder samples. Four samples can be obtained simultaneously in each experiment. Ball milling can be performed in a vacuum when the vacuumed ball milling jars are used.

The following factors affect the grinding performance:

  • Powder-to-media ratio. Too much powder – there will not be enough media-media contact to cause any milling.
  • Filling. Too much powder – the media will not tumble effectively.
  • Dry mill or wet mill.
  • Rotation speed.
  • Ball sizes and combinations.
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Planetary Ball Mill 4*2000mL


  • Wide range of machines to choose from, from benchtop mini PBM-0.4L mill to PBM-16L
  • There are various grinding jars and grinding media based on grinding materials: Alumina Ceramic, Agate, Zirconia, Stainless Steel, Teflon, Nylon, and Polyurethane.
  • Automatic and programmable grinding, clockwise and counterclockwise, with timing
  • Reliable and heavy-duty
  • Grinding in the inert atmosphere when the jars are sealed in the glovebox
  • Vacuum stainless steel (SS) jars available for grinding in vacuum
  • Improved technology for low noise operation (<60db)
  • Fully sealed jars capable of wet grinding
  • Cooling of the grinding motor with a built-in fan for a grinding duration of up to 1,000 min
  • The safety switch ensures automatic power off when the cover is lifted during operation.


ModelPower (KW)JarsOptional JarsRotation Speed (rpm)Noise (dB)Max. Operation (min)Weight (exclude Jars, lbs)Dimension (in*in*in)
PBM-0.4L0.254*(0.05~0.1L)50mL vacuum jars90~8705899996420*12*13
PBM-2L0.754*(0.05~0.5L)50~250mL vacuum jars70~67058999917630*19*23
PBM-4L0.754*(0.25~1L)50mL~1L vacuum jars70~67060999917630*19*23
PBM-8L1.54*(1~2L)50mL~1.5L vacuum jars70~58060999929135*22*26
PBM-10L1.54*(1~2.5L)1~2L vacuum jars70~58060999929135*22*26
PBM-12L1.54*(1~3L)1~2L vacuum jars70~67060999929135*22*26
PBM-16L34*(2~4L)1~3L vacuum jars60~51060999944837*24*28

Included in the package for the high-energy ball mill

The package includes a planetary high-energy ball mill, 4 pieces of jar clamper, 1 stainless steel sieve, 4 pieces of rubber jar cushion, a US standard power cord, and an operation manual. The grinding jars and balls are NOT included in the package. To order the grinding jars and balls, please click here. 


  • One-year standard warranty on the hardware, not including wearable parts.
  • Damage due to improper usage and storage is not covered.
  • An extended warranty is available.




Power Supply

110V, 60Hz, 220V, 50Hz


0.4L (4*100mL), 1L (4*250mL), 2L (4*500mL), 4L (4*1000mL), 6L (4*1.5L), 8L (4*2000mL), 10L (4*100mL), 12L (4*3000mL), 16L (4*4000mL)


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High-Energy Mechanical Ball Mill Machine (0.4L, 1L, 2L, 4L, 8L, 10L, 12L, 16L)
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