Zn Foil, 99.99% Purity


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High-purity Zn foil can be used as the active material for Zn-based batteries. It is also used as the current collector.


99.99% purity


  • Vacuum seal the foil or put it in an inert gas environment (the glove box). It is recommended to use as soon as the package is opened. Improper storage may lead to oxidation of the zinc foil.
  • If not stored under the above conditions, it is recommended to put it in a dry and non-humid place and wrap it well to protect it.
Weight 1 kg
Options (Thickness*Width*Length)

0.1mm*150mm*1m, 0.2mm*150mm*1m, 0.5mm*150mm*1m, 0.15mm*100mm*1m, 0.1mm*100mm*1m, 0.08mm*100mm*1m, 0.07mm*100mm*1m, 0.05mm*100mm*1m, 0.04mm*100mm*1m, 0.03mm*100mm*1m, 0.02mm*100mm*1m, 0.01mm*100mm*1m


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Zn Foil, 99.99% Purity
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