CR2032/2025/2016 CR2330/2430 Coin Cell Case, 2-Piece Sets, SS304


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The CR20XX Coin Cell Case Sets are made of high-quality stainless steel 304, which contains only the cathode case and an anode case with a sealing gasket. They are used in half cells to evaluate the electrochemical performance of cathode/anode materials in lithium-ion lithium-sulfur batteries. Springs and Spacers are available for additional purchase.

This CR20XX coin cell case is compatible with most of the coin cell crimpers on the market. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Specifications of Coin Cell Cases:

TypeTop DiameterHeight (mm)Inner DiameterHight (mm)Thickness (mm)
CR2016Cathode Case19.9519.919.551.60.2
Anode Case18.717.417.610.2
CR2025Cathode Case19.9519.919.452.30.25
Anode Case18.717.318.71.70.25
CR2032Cathode Case19.9519.919.452.850.25
Anode Case18.617.
CR2330Cathode Case2322.9522.42.60.25
Anode Case21.219.420.12.20.25
CR2430Cathode Case24.4524.423.82.90.25
Anode Case22.921.

The spacer and washer spring are NOT included in the price.


CR2032, CR2025, CR2016, CR2330, CR2430

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CR2032/2025/2016 CR2330/2430 Coin Cell Case, 2-Piece Sets, SS304
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